Who is Zack of Zack Buys Houses?

And how did he end up in Charlotte, NC

Hi there, I am Zack Moorin, born in Detroit, Michigan and grew up in Sunny South Florida, please don’t hold that against me, my parents raised me right with strong values.

When my older brother Mike relocated to Charlotte in 2005 for work and  then my mom and stepdad followed him a few years later when they retired I was missing my family . After lots of trips back and forth from Florida to the Carolinas for 10 years I decided to make the move in 2015 to reunite with my family. Charlotte is my home now. Since relocating, I have been blessed to find my soulmate and fiancée Kelly, a Charlotte area native. We settled in lovely new section of Steele Creek with her son Jackson.     

Core Values

  • Treat all people as I would like to be treated – Golden Rule
  • Service to others 1st – Focus on helping people and offering creative solutions to their problems
  • Go the extra mile to help even if I cannot buy the house myself
  • Believe and Trust in the good of people; Give the benefit of the doubt

Our Mission

To help people who need to sell a house in the Greater Charlotte Area and help to make the community a better place to live. With that spirit in mind we do not just make standard low-ball offers like many other investors do. We will take the time to listen to what is most important to you about selling your home and create an offer to specifically meet your needs and time frame. We have purchased hundreds of houses over the years; this gives us the experience to see creative solutions that are not obvious to the average investor fresh from a house flipping seminar.  Sure, we can buy a distressed house that needs repairs from someone who is motivated and willing to discount the price for a cash offer and quick closing, but that’s not all we do. We also buy many beautiful homes that need no repairs for 100% fair market value and offer a convenient, hassle fee way to sell with no commissions, fees or closing costs.

Many of the houses we buy are resold to honest, hardworking people who need a little time before they can qualify for a mortgage and buy. For these folks we offer rent-to-own or owner financing programs to act as a bridge to help them. Sometimes they need a little time to improve their credit, get through a divorce, establish employment history or save for a larger down payment. These programs allow folks to go ahead and move into the home they will buy for their family now instead of having to wait, rent something and move all over again when they qualify for a mortgage. When you sell your home to Zack Buys Houses you are helping the next family who needs to buy with rent to own or owner financing.

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